You be nice to me and I’ll be…

better give than receive reciprocityI often think about business (and life) as a tennis match. One player “serves” and the other side “returns” the ball. This “serve/return cycle” plays out every day in business relationships. (And in marriages too but I digress!) For example…

Think about the principle of “It is better to give than to receive”. And yes, generosity is a wonderful quality. But in business you can “double dip” when you “give”. HUH? Yes, you can feel good about generously giving to others and yet ALSO be well-compensated in return when you…

Benefit from “reciprocity”!

Reciprocity (or “reciprocal giving”) just means when I “give to you” then you are under a subtle (but very powerful) emotional obligation to return the favor! Or crudely put, “I scratched your back- now what will you do for me?”

This venerable principle works in all areas of business. (And life!) But right now let’s focus on before you get the job!

Residential: During your carpet cleaning pre-inspection (and BEFORE the homeowner decides whether to use your services!) gift your prospect a bottle of FREE Lifetime Spotter. (Check out this short video HERE demonstrating the “why and how” of this reciprocity tactic. And HERE is the custom labeled spotter I used.

NOTE: The above video also has a great “reciprocity tip” for restoration companies.

Real estate agents: Post a photo of their listing (and “for sale” sign) on your Facebook page after you have cleaned it. Include some nice comments (if possible) about the house. Send a link of your Facebook post to the agent! And HERE is a great (and free) way to reach out to real estate agents!

Business accounts: The very best gift you can give a regular commercial contract customer? Super reliable, unobtrusive service! But making your client look like a hero to their employees with these $50.00 gift cards won’t hurt!

Insureds after a loss: These folks are lost and bewildered. Reciprocal giving will pay off BIG TIME for restoration contractors! Have the insured pull together a few changes of clothes and rush clean/ozone them overnight. Then deliver their clean, fresh smelling clothing to the insured’s hotel early the next morning! They will be putty in your hands and you will be the “Reciprocity Poster Boy”! 🙂


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