Help your workers to stop ‘limping’!

problem solvingAre you tired of always having to ‘rush into the fray’ every time your employees have a question or face an issue? If so, stop and ask yourself: “WHY is this happening? How can I make it easier?”

Could it be that you have ‘trained’ your employees to depend on YOU to ‘think’ for THEM? This business model is destructive on oh-so-many levels. It will destroy your personal life, demotivate your Very Best People AND you’ll never build a Critical Mass Business!

Now before automatically blaming your staff meditate on what I remind every SFS: Business Transformation group: “The fish rots from the head down!” That’s right! Many times the owner or manager is their company’s biggest problem! So therefore…

Don’t be a ‘crutch’!

Instead, teach your employees to think for themselves. Insist on your technicians searching for solutions for a problem BEFORE they call the office for help. To wean your workers off of immediately calling the boss:

Make it easier to do it right than to do it wrong! (This is a Core Concept in our SFS Training.) Do you have clearly written, step-by-step systems in place for all procedures? (We call this a ‘Business Infrastructure’ in SFS!) Here is how this works in practice:

Tech on phone: “Boss, the truck mount won’t start!”

You: (Taking a deep breath) “I’m sorry, Charlie. But have you followed the nine steps detailed out in our laminated Truckmount Troubleshooting Chart? Its in your glove box…”

If you don’t have a Business Infrastructure (CLICK HERE for a sample procedure) at the very least require your employees to have two possible solutions in mind BEFORE they ask you for help. Hold your people’s feet to the fire and make it easier to help themselves. You will be doing your employees (and yourself) a HUGE favor!

Seriously, your people really can be very bright and creative. (Doubt me? Then just listen to them planning where and how to party next weekend!) So stop letting your employees just limp along using you as a ‘crutch’!


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