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How to increase your employee’s self esteem

self esteemLately I’ve focused (obsessed?) on motivating employees. (We’ve also had some great ‘leadership’ threads recently in our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook group. Join us HERE.)

Early in my business career I learned my Very Best People (The very ones you want to employ!) felt ’emotionally tied’ to my company. Why? Because we consistently (and gratefully) gave our workforce sincere “Employee Recognition”! Of course, they also loved the cash bonuses we ceremonially handed out too!

Another key to employee success? I realized few people are (initially) excited and proud to be hired as a cleaning and/or restoration technician. (Not many kids brag to their friends about their daddy becoming a cleaning tech!) So you must develop routine ways to…

Increase your new employee’s pride, self esteem and ‘sense of belonging’. For example…

Give new techs their very own business cards… on their first day! Be sure to include their photo on employee’s cards. They’ll go crazy handing them out! (CLICK HERE for 16 tips to improve your business cards.)

All employees should have their own photo I.D. badge. This is very reassuring to your customers too! BTW, make sure their first name is printed extra large on the badge so clients will call them by name. (This is great for relationship building!) ) So WHEN should you give your new hire their ID badge and business cards? When you…

Have a ‘Welcome Aboard’ ceremony for each new worker. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. Coffee and donuts when they walk in, an introduction to their co-workers (applause!) and “… tell us a little about yourself, Charlie…” Then…

Introduce your new employee to their mentor/trainer! Hmmm, this sounds like a whole different QuickTIP. Let’s talk about this real soon! 🙂


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