Never “bicker” over how you measure

You measure everything since that’s how you price much of your work. And then if you know your production rates you can set your prices to make a profit!

Remember that your average customer (including many adjusters) is totally ignorant of how you determine your prices. In fact, they may try and “micro-manage” your measuring by saying: “Uhhh, are you going to deduct for under the piano?” Here’s your solution…

Never “bicker” on HOW you measure or price an area.

Residential HINT: Upon arrival ask your client, “Please give me a tour and show me any areas of special concern?” (Check out “step 2.a” on this Residential Pre-cleaning Inspection Script– Keep them busy and they won’t focus on your measuring!)  If the home owner still “nit-picks” on subtracting for furniture, etc you just reply, “I’m factoring that into my final recommendations.”

Commercial HINT: Especially on my commercial “Stay Beautiful” proposals my recommendations usually did not include square footage- instead I just listed out areas and frequencies. I also normally did not specify type of cleaning. (The only thing worse than bickering over square footage is fighting with a property manager over which method you as a professional will use.)

Restoration HINT: Almost all my price/measuring disagreements with an adjuster were due to poor communication up front. So set up an online, password-protected “shared folder” for each adjuster. (Or property manager.) Now you can load in for-their-eyes only photos, measurements, building plans, equipment placements, moisture readings,etc. (Remember on emergency water losses to tactfully take control with a Water Damage Customer Interview form.)

NOTE: The best way to avoid measurement bickering? Only write down the square footage, not the length and width of the room(s). Also measure quickly and “authoritatively” by using a Laser Distance Meter. (Just WATCH this video.)


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