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Our primary thrust here at is to help you manage and market your business better. (After all, that is what our Strategies for Success seminar is all about- helping you build an “appreciating asset” out of a real business!)

But after having been begged by many cleaners Big Billy Yeadon and Steve Toburen (who will add the occasional snarky comment!) are going to moderate their very own “Clean Talk” Q & A column. Just think Tom and Ray from NPR’s Car Talk! So send in your technical head-scratchers (got fleas?) and those keep-you-awake-at-night nightmare jobs. Bill, Steve and the rest of us will do our level best to help you out! Contact us today.

7 thoughts on “Technical cleaning help now available at!”

  1. Hi Steve and bill,

    Have either one of you removed graffiti from a metal pole barn? I was wondering how to remove rattle can paint without damaging the paint on the metal. Would it be better to sub that out to someone who does soda blasting?
    I have never cleaned up graffiti before so any information would be helpfull.

  2. I imagine that Steve during his misspent youth probably was the one doing the graffiti. I believe they caught him because he was the only one that added a PS. to every tag.

    Sorry enough snarkiness and as I don’t know I am passing this onto one of out jan-san pros.

    Hopefully they have a suggestion.

    Bill (model child)

  3. Not only snarky but a bit of a WIMP OUT, Yeadon! (Even though it is a good idea to get our Jan-San pros involved.)

    I don’t think you want to soda blast. One time we successfully removed spray can Killz from vandalized oak kitchen cabinets in a model home by using WD-40. Seriously. It just lubricated and lifted (floated) the spray paint right off. Give it a try.

    You could also test some of the orange solvents out there.

    Hopefully Bill’s back-ups will be along soon.


  4. Here is the answer from Ellis Cohn our Jan San manager:

    Hello Bill, the answer to this question really depends on how long the paint has been on, and the specific type. Like carpeting, would suggest trying either grafitti remover, zylene, or mineral spirits in an inconspicuous place to check color transfer from the metal. Mottenhausen (SP) makes Lift off, which may work well. Personally would do soda blasting last, after all chemicals fail. The key is to not let the product run down the barn, and to let the grafitti remover work just long enough to remove the grafitti, without harming the metal paint. Home depot may have the product he needs, we don’t stock it. A delimolene may also work, Ellis.

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  6. Gotcha covered! Just go to our “Resources” drop down menu on the Topic Bar above and then click on the “Special Reports” section. Or cut to the chase and CLICK HERE. There you will find a complete Report, “The Big Money in Home and Trade Shows”, that explains in-depth how to set up and sell your services in a Home Show.

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    Let us know how it goes.


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