A great business card “Moment of Truth”

As usual Big Billy Yeadon inspired me this week with his 16 suggestions for better business cards HERE. So I started ruminating on to create a better Moment of Truth when giving a prospect your business card.

Simple! We all want to feel special! So on one set of your business cards do NOT include your cell phone number. Then as you pull out a business card just say …

“Here… let me write my cell phone number on the back. Oh and by the way- what’s the best number to contact you at?”

Wow! In one transaction you have helped your prospect feel “special”. Even better, thanks to the principle of “Reciprocity” your prospect is now under the “gentle obligation” to share THEIR cell phone number with you!

NOTE #1- Make the back of your business card non-glossy so a pen can write on it plus leave enough white space for your number. You may also want to carry a different business card with your cell number printed for when a happy client says, “Give me a stack of your business cards to pass out …”

Restoration HINT: This “let me give you my personal cell number so you can reach me 24 hours a day…” strategy always makes adjusters and agents feel “special”.

Commercial HINT: Bring joy to your property manager’s heart when you say, “I’m going to give this same 24 hour cell number out to all your tenants so that if there are any issues that will call me first instead of you!” In fact, I used to jokingly tell my commercial managers, “Just for you I’ll sleep with this cell phone under my pillow!” And I did!

Employee HINT: This “let me give you my personal cell phone number” trick is super effective when you’re recruiting a great prospect out in the marketplace. (My goal was to always have a stable of pre-screened applicants just waiting for my hiring call.)


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