How to gracefully flip your customer’s “Thank you”!

be-grateful-to-the-cleaning-customerMy guess is this happens to you often. You purchase an item (or a service) from a business and as you leave you say to the employee, “Thank you.”

Now think about this. YOU are the customer and YOU are giving this business your hard earned money and yet YOU are thanking THEM! Weird! And of course when you say “Thank you” the employee replies, “You’re welcome.” Or worse, “No problem.” (I hate this phrase!)

So when your customer says “Thank you” at the end of your job how should you (and your employees) respond? I suggest flipping this exchange into a positive Moment of Truth  by replying…

“No, Mrs. Jones, it is WE who must thank you! YOU are our client and we really appreciate your business!”

NOTE: And hey, you can always slip in at the end, “And we are always grateful for your referrals too!” (And of course you want their glowing online reviews too!)

Commercial HINT: Thank your commercial contract clients by offering them “gift cards” to give as a “year end bonus” to their employees. (More on this “staying busy during the winter” idea next week!)

Restoration HINT: The very best way to thank your restoration customers? Get them back into their beautifully restored home FAST! And of course cookies and other treats are always appreciated by the Insured too!

Remember you simply cannot “bank way” too many positive Moments of Truth(MOT) in your customer’s subconscious! So check out this Restoration MOT outline HERE. Or for a great step-by-step residential MOT outline click HERE.


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