Can you create a “picture”?

create-an-experienceSimply put, it is an excruciating process for a client to decide which cleaning and restoration company to go with. Why? Because unlike buying manufactured products (cars, TV’s, clothes, purses) customers can’t “pre-experience” a service! Think about it…

When buying a “product” customers can see it, smell it, test it (After all, what does the car dealer always want you to do with a vehicle?), try it on, caress it and/or taste it! (What do you see in every aisle at Sams Club on a Saturday afternoon? Samples! Why? So you can “pre-experience” the product!)

So how can you let your client “pre-experience” the cleaning or restoration service you are selling? Do so by helping your prospect…

Create a mental picture of your service to be performed at their location.

Residential: At the “pre-inspection” for a first-time client bring a tablet to SHOW your customer what you will be doing in their home. (You low-tech people can use a photo album!) Or even better “test their carpet for residue removal” so they SEE the dramatic difference. Watch how to do a “Show and Tell” carpet test HERE.

NOTE: Your website is a wonderful place to “pre-orient” your prospect on what to expect. And don’t forget to email them a Getting Ready for Your Big Carpet Cleaning Day” checklist.

Restoration: During your initial walk-through notice what the insured cares and/or is worried about. Then focus your residue removal testing on your customer’s concerns. Remember the old saying: Fix the client first– then fix the actual problem!”

NOTE: Bring a tablet or photo album with you on your initial restoration pre-inspection. These before-and-after photos will give you credibility and build credibility with the insured. And be sure to develop a dedicated water damage landing page for your website!

Commercial: How can you “create a picture” for a commercial prospect? Simple! Reach out to them with a “show and tell” sales email!


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