How to improve your videos

improve-your-marketing-video-skillsYour customer’s biggest challenge? Choosing a cleaning or restoration contractor when they can’t “try on” your work BEFORE you perform it in their home or business. (Once you are working it is too late!) So let your prospect visualize your service (and the finished product!) BEFORE you arrive!

When “pre-inspecting” a home or business help your customer SEE the finished product by performing a “residue removal test”. (And yes, you can do this “show and tell” with a busy commercial prospect by email.) But how can you reach out and hook someone BEFORE they call?

Hosting short, dramatic “orientation videos” on your website will save you! BUT long, boring, “murky and jerky” (kinda has a ring to it, doesn’t it?) videos are the kiss of death! Your impatient web surfing prospect will quickly click away from your poorly done amateur video and you will lose them forever! Sooo…

Invest time, effort and money in business videos profiling the services you provide.

NOTE: Click HERE for my TOP 5 Video TIPS! And now for five more “video orientation” tips:

1) It shouldn’t be “all about you”. After your quick (and very sincere) personal intro switch over to “B roll” footage of your cleaning equipment, employees, plant. Don’t linger here! Make these shots quick (Remember, your entire video should be less than two minutes!) and smoothly transition into before-and-after action shots of your cleaning/restoration processes along with the finished product. (Insert photos if needed.)

2) Use “voice over” narration. During these quick action shots (see #1 above) you smoothly narrate the feature/benefits of your service. (Put energy in your voice!) For example, (as van door opens to gleaming truck mount) “At Jon-Don Cleaning we use powerful truck mounted cleaning plants (clip of powered rotary head cleaning with steam escaping from side) along with deep cleaning powered heads that (switch to completed job clip with grateful, awe-struck customer) literally make your carpets look like new!”

3) Consider professional editing help. With some practice you can shoot your own on-location video and dramatically cut the cost of a professional crew. However, editing video has a steep learning curve. A professional video editor can quickly assemble a great looking video inexpensively while you do what you do best- cleaning and restoration!

4) Develop a video library. At the end of each video display links to your other videos. Your “video menu” could include “Protecting your carpets with Scotchgard” or “How we care for your home” or “How we transform your upholstery” or “Renovating your garage floors” or “Our Stay Beautiful carpet care program or …

5) Don’t hide your great videos. Promote them on your website’s home page. Even better, email a How to get ready for your carpet cleaning” checklist to your client (Heck, you could even make it a VIDEO checklist!) and yep- include links to all your videos!


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