We will never stop fighting!

winston-churchill-can-help-your-businessSo your business phone rings! CONGRATULATIONS! So you cheerfully answer using your SFS Phone Format! (NOTE: My ‘Winston Churchill technique works perfectly face-to-face with a prospect too!)

You progress by involving your caller using Valid Business Questions. Remember, this ‘phone interview’ forces them to ‘invest time’ with you. So your caller will want a “return” on their time invested! And the only way to get this “ROI”? Book with you!

BUT not always! Sometimes your prospect will start sliding away with the dreaded, “Let me think about it…”

Don’t let ’em off the hook! (OR off the phone!) This is serious! Just look at the downstream income and Cheerleader referrals you lose by letting your prospect ‘slip away’! Instead, follow this Winston Churchill quote and…

“Never surrender!” (Listen to Sir Winston’s speech HERE.)

So instead of meekly giving up when your prospect says, “Let me check with my husband/ wife/ boss” etc. you reply…

Never Surrender Reply (NSR) #1: “I understand. But before we finish, let me ask you- does the way I have my recommendations written up meet your projected budget?” This NSR gets their “hidden objection” out in the open! Now you can discuss ways to lower the scope of the job and your price too! (Many times I made more net profit on the smaller job/lower price!)

NOTE: Your automatic ‘First Two Words’ to any objection? Always say, “I understand…” (This reply ‘finds common ground’ with your customer.) Now what can you do if your prospect replies, “No, your price is fine. I just want to think about it…” Do you surrender? NEVER! Fall back to…

NSR #2: “I understand. Now while we’ve been talking I’ve prepared a custom quote with all your different options listed out. I can send it over to you right now by email. This will be a one-time-only email and I don’t even keep a record of your email address unless you want me to. Is there an email address you’d like me to send your quote to…?”

NOTE: In this ‘NSR email quote’ include links to your processes, video and written reviews  from delighted clients, photos of your company and your employee’s Profile Pages. The big challenge for your client? Choosing a service they haven’t seen performed! So before letting a wavering prospect off the phone simply ask…

NSR #3: I understand choosing the right carpet cleaning company is a big decision. May I email you a short two minute video orientation on our company?” 

You see, you are STILL fighting! Sir Winston would be so VERY proud of you! 🙂

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