Commercial production is all about “efficiency”!

commercial productionIt is a simple equation. Faster, more efficient production = more profit!

This profit focus is why I created Steve’s “3 Minute Rule”! My goal for our commercial production crews? To have their TM running and the cleaning head moving within (you guessed it!) THREE MINUTES after pulling up to the job! What a slave driver! (But I also gave a generous weekly “EEB bonus” to my most efficient crew!)

Of course, before I could start whipping my commercial techs I had to get the accounts. So I’ve recently shared how I…

A) Priced (and sold!) commercial accounts by timing my “demo/test cleanings” plus

B) I always gave my prospect at least three frequency/area/price options (even if they didn’t ask for them) and…

C) I explained how to gain “Open Access” (your very own key!) on regular accounts! GREAT! You will LOVE the consistent profits of regular carpet and tile cleaning accounts! However…

Commercial work is all about “production”! So get now let’s efficient with these free SFS resources…

1) Always “ask for a tour” while filling out this Commercial Carpet Analysis form. (This sheet gives you vital info for pricing AND production!)

2) After signing the Service Agreement just fill out this Job Profile with your contact. (I HATED being “held hostage” by an employee who was the only one that “knew the job”!)

3) Build regular routes using this Production Day (or “Night”) Sheet. (This form helps “2-way sharing of information” and adds the essential “employee accountability”.)

4) Structure your tech’s routine with this Commercial Set-Up List. (Making each trip to the truck count means faster production.)

Feeling better with these four additions to your commercial production Business Infrastructure? You should be!

“But wait!” you say, “Steve, I hate, fear and dread sales calls! Can’t I just hire a commercial salesperson to do the ‘dirty work’ for me?” Sigh… OK, let’s talk about this real soon.


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