The ‘why’ of business vehicle signage…

How to market your services is one of our most argued about topics ever in our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group. Yet almost everyone agrees that…

Professionally designed vehicle signage ABSOLUTELY will give you a great ROI! Why?

NOTE: Given the ‘synergistic nature’ of your combined marketing it is almost impossible to split out one specific tactic to isolate it’s cost/return ratio. In fact, even when you ask them your callers won’t be able to give you a straight answer on all the different (and often) subconscious) factors that motivated them to call you! However, consider these six points why high quality vehicle signage is important:

1. Great ‘variable visibility’- pinnacle eco clean vanYour truck is constantly moving so it is observed by 1,000’s of prospects every day. This helps give you ‘Top of Mind Awareness’ when any prospective client needs the services you offer. Plus your vehicle signage also provides…

2. Instant credibility- When prospects see your signed vehicle(s) at their neighbor’s homes you automatically gain ‘local credibility’. Even better, if you have a step-by-step system to create delighted Cheerleaders these same neighbors will enthusiastically refer you! (Or even better post glowing five star online reviews!)

3. A great ‘initial Moment of Truth‘- We posted our tech’s first few steps right behind the steering wheel. (#3 was “Park in the street and visible from the front door”.) When the homeowner opened the door they met a smiling tech (with photo I.D. badge) and saw our lettered van over the tech’s shoulder! BINGO!

4. Amortized cost with incredible residual value- ross trittipo vehicle signageYou can invest a huge sum on a marketing campaign that returns… ZERO! But divide the expected life span into your total van signage cost and your cost @ day will be incredibly low.

5. Branding and image- Your ‘moving billboards’are the perfect (and free) place to show off your professionally designed logo and color scheme. But wait! There’s more…

kevin bunce fleet

6. Your own ‘self-image’- “When you look good- you feel good! And when you feel good… you sell more!” This point alone will more than pay for your vehicle signage!

Want to see some great ideas on van wraps? (And alternatives to a full wrap?) If you already are in our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group just CLICK HERE.  If you’re not in our SFS Facebook Group click HERE. (You dn’t have to be a SFS graduate to join us.) Then just search under “van wraps” to see a great FB thread with over 250+ comments and many, many van photos too! (I’d love to also get your input in this thread!)

In fact, let’s focus on specific vehicle signage principles real soon!


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