“Clearly defined expectations”= less problems!

use-technology-to-better-communicate-with-your-end-customersI always focus my students on a) creating positive Moments of Truth (MOT’s) and b) avoiding negative MOT’s. Why? Because if you achieve both “a” and “b” you will make Customer Cheerleaders that sing your praises from the rooftops! (And even better online!) However…

Another essential part of “Making the Cheerleader” is to clearly “pre-communicate” BEFORE you get to the job. Yes, it is all about “molding” your customer AND their expectations. Why is this so important? Because…

Clearly defined expectations are the basis for all successful business relationships.”

By “pre-communicating” both you and your client 1) avoid ugly surprises and 2) develop a mutually respectful professional relationship. As in your client will think, “Wow, this is not their first rodeo! I’m impressed!”

The best way to do ‘clearly define expectations’ with a new client? With a separate ‘onsite pre-inspection’ beforehand. (A good alternative is a Remote Video Pre-Inspection.)

NOTE: You’ll receive a step-by-step phone script for a Remote Video Pre-Inspection in our 3-hour, online SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar. Click HERE for more info or to register online.

Here are some valuable “pre-communication phrases” to help you clearly define expectations:


1. “We ask you to ‘clear the decks for action’…”  (Bluntly put: “Get your clutter and crap out of our way!”) But more politely: “So we’d appreciate it if you could remove small items from furniture you would like us to move and clean under.”

2. “For your pet’s peace of mind (and ours!) please put them in a secure place where our cleaning won’t disturb them.”  (I don’t want to BLEED on your carpet!)

3. “Please pin up any full length draperies so that they will be at least 6 inches from the carpet.” Most home owners are happy to do this and if the drapes get wrinkled it will be their fault- not yours!

NOTE: Download my free “How to get ready for your carpet cleaning” check list HERE. (This works great as a pre-job email!)


1. “We normally handle large fixed items like file cabinets and chair mats by​ …”  Don’t let the client specify to you how you will process the area. Take charge!

2. “So I’m fitting you into our first Monday evening of the month rotation…” Schedule regular clients into the slot that works for you right from the git-go. NOTE: Check out my video on Creative Commercial Scheduling HERE. Then download this free Commercial Account Profile Form to help you keep control.


1. “Does anyone in your home have any unusual health issues?”  Translation? Let’s get any weird diseases/ liability suits out in the open! NOTE: Download my free Restoration MOT Check List HERE.

2. “Do you have any items of great financial value on the premises such as jewelry, coin or stamp collections, firearms or CASH? If so, you can remove them or I can give you a receipt and lock them away in our warehouse…” What I DON’T want are unfounded charges leveled against my company when the whole world has been trooping through your home! (We all know “the janitor ALWAYS gets blamed”!)

So share in the comments below the“pre-communciation phrases” that you use… please!


2 thoughts on ““Clearly defined expectations”= less problems!”

  1. When I am running a special and the profit margins are tight I say at the very end of the call “so to get ready vacuum really good and move everything you want cleaned under”

    This does two things it lets them know that furniture moving is not included and neither is vacuuming.

  2. That is pretty good, Ken! I like how you leave that with them at the end of the call. But even so I personally would email them a written “Check List” on “how to get ready for us” that would double emphasize what you already told them. (People only retain 15% of what they hear!) 🙂

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