So how are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Hmmm…?

track-your-goals-for-this-yearSo how long has it been since your last goal-setting session? “HUH? How did that happen? What happened to the last year?” Sound familiar?

So have you peed away a month since you made those (already failed?) New Years resolutions for 20xx? Why not hold yourself accountable and/or resolve to truly change RIGHT NOW? (Don’t wait another 11 months!) Here are my TOP TEN “Change Candidates” (for ANY year) to STICK WITH:

1. Stick to your Dedicated Sales Morning resolve. (Make it easy with the SFS Commercial Carpet Analysis Interview Form HERE.)

2. Quit bidding commercial work by guess. (Download our free Production/Pricing Analysis Form HERE.)

3. Analyze and dump forever your “Displacement Activities”(This oh-so-subtle-danger is very difficult to break!)

4. Get OCD on booking each and every phone call! (Download our SFS Phone Format HERE.)

5. Win over your “Can you give me a discount?” customers. (Download our Winning Over the “Price Shopper” Report HERE.)

6. Implement our SFS pre-paid, residential “Stay Beautiful” Program. (Imagine guaranteed money automatically rolling in every month!)

7. Start “Running your business today to sell it tomorrow”. (Even though “tomorrow” may be 30 years from now!)

8. “Sweep” a percentage of every business deposit into a Personal Investment Account. (5% would be great!) Then don’t touch it!

9. Take better care of your health. (Quit putting off that colonoscopy!) And eat better/ drink less! OUCH! 

10. Routinely spend more FOCUSED time relaxing with family and friends. And take joy in each and every day! (I’m still working on #9 and #10!)

Restoration HINT: Most of the above candidates apply to you folks too! But please start focusing on the Emotional Dynamics of a traumatized insured with my How to Transform Your Restoration Business analysis HERE. And start creating more Cheerleader adjusters with this free Moment of Truth Restoration Checklist HERE.

OK! Now let’s “git ‘er done”!


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