Meg’s Story Directory

meg-and-john-burdickMeg and John Burdick share their journey in the quest for success. Join us as we rejoice in their victories and commiserate with them in the pitfalls that all companies eventually face.

Part 1
Real world dispatches from a “front lines” professional carpet cleaner
Part 2
New vs. Repeat Carpet Cleaning Clients
Part 3
The decision on hiring a business consultant
Part 4
Even carpet cleaners have to “start with the end in mind”
Part 5
The Burdicks build for their future by looking beyond equipment and chemicals
Part 6
Reflections on making things happen …
Part 7
“Marketing decisions are so much easier when we have hard numbers”
Part 8
Moving forward by “letting go” of the day-to-day details
Part 9
The most important investment- “Investing in Ourselves”
Part 10
Focusing on our online marketing
Part 11
Hiring a carpet cleaning tech … again!
Part 12
More hiring issues. Deciding on a pay structure.
Part 13
Our latest triumphs! … And challenges!

2 thoughts on “Meg’s Story Directory”

  1. Wow….I was just poking around on the site and discovered the drop down of “Meg’s Story Journal” under the From Our Members tab. Nothing like the pressure of knowing I have my own spot on the SFS site to make sure I keep the dispatches coming. How sly of you!

    Seriously, thanks for highlighting our story. It’s helpful to share it as a way to reflect and learn from the journey we are taking. I hope that others find as many take aways from our story as I get from sharing it.


  2. You have no idea, Meg. One of our members wrote me the other day asking “What has happened to Meg? I miss her!” Seriously. So I sent him this dispatch even before I loaded it on the site to feed his “Meg addiction”.


    PS While we appreciate your dispatches from down-in-the-trenches I also know you have a business (and more importantly a family) to take care of. Put them first and then when you have a moment think of us … 🙂

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