Giving “options” means $$$ for YOU!

It isn’t rocket science.  Make a little more money off each job and you will have a LOT more coin jingling in your pocket.  All of us on the SFS team reject high pressure selling or even worse the “bait and switch” tactics our industry is infamous for.  BUT there is nothing wrong with giving the home owner the OPTION of spending more money with you?  Right?  And it doesn’t have to be a lot of money either.  For example …

If your customer doesn’t need (or can’t afford) wet extraction of their upholstery why not offer them “power dry vacuuming” with your truck mount?   Demonstrate the soil removal power of this service by putting a clean white towel on the end of your vacuum hose.  A couple of vacuum strokes on almost any cushion (with the homeowner watching) will turn the towel black and give you an easy sale!

This is a fast and easy “up-sell” which provides a valuable and economical service for the customer plus you make good money too!

Once again, no pressure.  Just a) ask permission to “test” the upholstery, b) show the customer the results and c) quote the modest additional “while I am here” price.  If your customer turns the service down mention that she can do a passable job using the same technique with her home vacuum.  (You can even offer to check and change the bag in her vacuum for free!)

As always, your Primary Goal is to develop a “consultant type” relationship while displaying your sincere interest in the home owner’s welfare. And if you sell some additional services along the way so much the better!


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