Steve’s TOP TEN QuickTIPS of 2013

quicktips-year-in-review-2013It seemed like an inspired idea. Everyone else is running their “Top Ten Best” lists for 2013. So why not your faithful QuickTIPS scribe? But wow! What a job!

Honestly, it was an agonizing process winnowing out the very best 2013 “Make More Money” QuickTIP ideas. In fact, I failed miserably…

That’s why my original Top Ten morphed into our “Bakers Dozen” of 2013’s very best QuickTIPS! I couldn’t keep it to ten! So how many have of these great QuickTIPS you implemented?


Free 12 month “Spot and Spill” Warranty- Double your protector sales PLUS motivate homeowners to stay “on schedule”.

“Show and sell”- Blow your prospect away when you perform a dramatic “pre-demo”!

Surviving the “Dark Days” of Winter- Use these $50.00 gift cards to fill your slow season!


Get them out from behind their desk- Here’s how to involve your commercial contact in a “walk-through”.

How to get paid to do a “demo”- Better this than let the job go to your cut-rate competition!

Tap into the Realtor market- This is the fastest, cheapest, most effective marketing I know of!


How to “triage” water losses- When you are “flooded” (forgive me!) with water damage avoid the losers and book the “sweet ones”!

Your techs will fight to be “on-call”-  Bribery (and your employee’s greed) is a very effective motivator!

Create super loyal adjusters- Communication is everything so set up a password-protected “Sharing Folder” for each adjuster.


What’s in your “pipeline”? Don’t ya hate financial surprises?

Conquer your biggest business enemy- Just ask yourself this one question… every single day!

Part time employees vs. full time- Here’s the pros and cons of part time workers.

Add an “Employee Efficiency Bonus”- Quit screaming at your people and let “peer pressure” go to work!

Want to argue on my “Best of 2013” QuickTIPS above? (It was a brutal process!) Check out our QuickTIP archive HERE and bicker away by writing me at I’ll even grudgingly run your choices next week!


PS And here is our best residential video of 2013! And I really like this commercial scheduling video. And our very best 2013 restoration video? We’re still working on it!

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