Book winter work now to stay busy all year round

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all year roundIt may be 95 degrees outside and yet here’s a News Flash! The often-dreaded-by-cleaner’s winter time is coming! And once winter’s snow/ice/mud and yuck arrives your cash flow inevitably falls off! Right?

Maybe not! Of course, you should be working on the challenges of staying busy all year round … during all the year. But what can you do NOW to jump start your winter business?

Immediately implement the Law Of Massive Action!

That’s right. Don’t do just one thing- use Massive Action by doing many different strategies all at the same time! (Too much for you? Thinking about starving in the winter always got me motivated!) Here are some “staying busy in winter” Massive Action candidates:

#1- Visit your commercial accounts and give them one $50.00 gift card for each of their employees.

#2- Ask your commercial accounts if you can place a bottle of your Lifetime Free Carpet Spotter on each employee’s desk when cleaning the business along with a “special” valid during your winter slow months.

#3- Call your lagging residential clients with this great “excuse-to-call” phone script.

#4- Implement a “Stay Beautiful” residential maintenance program that includes a “six month open area” cleaning. (These pre-programmed  “open areas” will keep you busy all year round!)

#5- Always give at least three “price/frequency” options when presenting a commercial proposal. And maybe most importantly…

#6- Get your commercial work funnel wider by making at least 20 new business contacts each week. Download my free “How to Sell Commercial Carpet Cleaning” manual” HERE.

NOTE: Do you freeze up after introducing yourself to a commercial contact? me too! So I developed a Commercial Carpet Analysis (CCA) Form that structured the initial conversation AND helped me sound like a professional! Download my CCA form for free HERE.

Restoration HINT: As a restoration contractor please don’t minimize the value of building regular commercial maintenance routes. Sure, this regular work doesn’t boast the profit margins of a nice, juicy water loss! But your regular route work will feed your restoration business commercial losses. And did I mention these regular routes are “regular”? (Think PREDICTABLE CASH FLOW (all year round)!)  🙂

Here’s to a great (and busy) winter!


2 thoughts on “Book winter work now to stay busy all year round”

  1. This is some great advice, when I read this, the first thing that came to my mind was, how does he know me? Because that is just what I go through. It’s a reminder to me, that I have a lot to learn still

    Keep sending me information on how to keep my small business going and growing

    Raymon Samuel
    A&B Cleaning Services
    Atlanta Georgia

  2. You got it, Raymon. How do I “know you”? Because I have been there-done that. I tell every SFS seminar “I’m just a rug-sucker who made some money”. Now my mission is to help you do the same! Be sure to open and read the weekly QuickTIP I send out every Tuesday and keep your comments/suggestions coming!


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