TOP TEN Smart Ways to Make More Profit On Each Job!

“Profit”? Yeah, you know- that extra amount over-and-above what you would be paid as an employee to do your daily work! “Profit” is the well-deserved reward you get for your blood/ sweat/ tears and yes, at times agony and stress of owning your own business!

You deserve to make “OBSCENE PROFITS” (Is there such a thing?)  and yet the vast majority of cleaning and restoration contractors sadly… DON’T! So humbly submitted here are my TOP TEN Ways to Make More Profit on Each Job!

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Smart Way #1: Charge More.

a- Special Report: Avoiding the Road In-Between

b- “My big cleaning business just isn’t fun anymore”! (BHC)

c- Special Report: Ten Essential Strategies for Success in a Tough Economy

Smart Way #2: Spend Less.

a- Special Report: Cleaning Up- Building Wealth in the Cleaning Industry

b- “How do they make money at 7 cents per foot?” (BHC)

c- Paperwork: Weekly Financial Flash Report

Smart Way #3: Travel Smarter.

a- QuickTIP: Two carpet cleaning techs instead of a solo employee?

Smart Way #4: Schedule Smarter.

a- Special Report: The “Stay Beautiful” residential maintenance program

b- QuickTIP: How to easily fill your cleaning schedule a year in advance!

c- “Make rescheduling easy for your repeat carpet cleaning clients” (BHC)

Smart Way #5: Work Smarter.

a- QuickTIP: Less trips out to the van = more money in your pocket!

b- QuickTIP: Simple tricks to make more money- RIGHT NOW!

c- QuickTIP: A “Job Essentials Bag” cuts extra trips to the van

Smart Way #6: “Sell More” Smarter.

a- “Struggling with a business ‘identity crisis’?” (BHC)

b- “Are you STILL ‘just cleaning carpets’?” (BHC)

c- Special Report: Fine Fabric Problems and How to Eliminate Them

d- QuickTIP: Profit by renovating your customer’s garage floor!

e- Special Report: Pet Problems: I Smell Money!

Smart Way #7: Sell Carpet Protector Smarter.

a- “Why and how to promote Scotchgard on your website” (BHC)

b- Special Report: Up-Selling Scotchgard on the Home Front

c- “How can I get my carpet cleaning techs to upsell?” (BHC)

Smart Way #8: Book Jobs Smarter: Add More Time.

a- SFS Instructor’s Blog: The Great Carpet Cleaning Pricing Debate- Part II

Smart Way #9: “Sell Less” Smarter.

a- “Can I increase my profit by peddling carpet spotter?” (BHC)

b- QuickTIPS: How to get a carpet store’s cleaning referrals.

Smart Way #10: Be Smart: Make the Cheerleader.

a- Special Report: 12 Secrets to Success in Carpet Cleaning

b- Special Report: Winning over the Value Shopper