Motivate employees with more than “just a pay check”

motivate employeesDo you struggle with keeping your employees happy and fulfilled? (Otherwise known as “employee motivation”?) Me too!

My mistake? I thought I could motivate employees just by “paying people more” and all would be perfect! (And yes, “paying more” really IS essential!)

But remember- employees APPLY for a job because they need a paycheck. However…

Employees STAY long term because they feel “loved”.

Say WHAT, Steve? That’s right, the best (and most successful) employers tie their staff to them emotionally! So how can you do the old “Loyalty Lasso” to motivate employees? Give them…

1-“Family FUN”! I admit it. I wasn’t very good at this! (I was too “OCD”!) So especially with your younger employees lighten up and have some fun! NOTE: Do you struggle to understand young Millennial workers? Then download this free SFS Special Report.

2-Sincere Appreciation. I tried to personally thank each employee at least once a week. (And not just when giving them their pay check!)

3-“Spontaneous Rewards”. I’d occasionally gift employees 10 or 20 bucks cash for a great customer online review. Or order my crew pizza when they were working late on a water loss. The small gestures count.

4-“Company Recognition”.  Our weekly staff meetings were largely an excuse to single out specific workers for Sincere Praise from different managers.

5-“Public Recognition.” Many of your employees (and their spouses) suffer from low self-esteem. So we gave each of our workers their very own personal business cards and hosted a Profile Page for each employee on our company website. And allow your clients to praise employees on your website too!​

6-Accountability. HUH? That doesn’t sound like fun, Steve! True. But the Very Best People (why would you hire anyone else?) welcome the opportunity to shine!


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