Creating low-cost “little marketers”

Everyone wants the “one sure thing” marketing idea that will line people up begging you to clean their carpets.  Sorry- no such thing exists!  But now imagine a marketing strategy …

A marketing strategy with enthusiastic salespeople that work virtually for free!  These delighted Cheerleaders also have direct access to (and can deeply influence) your best target market: middle-aged female home owners. Yep- I’m talking about converting your home owner’s kids (and grandchildren!) into Cheerleaders for YOU.  Here’s one way to build loyalty with children …

Kids love stickers! Create fun colored stickers made with your company logo and then (with the parent’s permission before hand) gift them to the customer’s children.

Parents’ buying decisions are greatly influenced by what their kids like. (McDonald’s and their Happy Meals are a great example.)  Keep your stickers simple with fun designs and bright colors. Just Google “custom logo stickers” and you’ll find many options.  (Of course, there are many other ideas for “kiddy gifts” out there.)

Your goal here is to A) motivate and remind the actual decision-makers (otherwise known as “the parents”)  to call you again plus B) so impress the parents that they become Cheerleaders for your company. Neat stickers with your company logo pasted in the kid’s room just might do all of the above!

My only reminder is to always ask permission from the parents BEFORE you give their child anything.

NOTE: We live in a sick society today. So remind your technicians to work on not being alone in the same room with children. If a kid enters the room without their parent just say, “Hey Billy, why don’t you go help Mom?” or if that doesn’t work, “Billy, why don’t you go get Mom so I can show her how these carpets are cleaning up?” SORRY and so sad that we have to think about this stuff!)

Steve Toburen

PS:  The above sticker idea is a great marketing concept.  But don’t forget the simplest, faster and certainly cheapest way to get the kids on board is to treat them like … people!  (DUH!)  So IF the parent is present introduce yourself to the child.  You can even ask them, “So Billy, ya wanna help me clean carpets today?”  Just never touch a customer’s child! (And once again, try to never find yourself alone with kids.)

NOTE:  So what do you do to tactfully make Cheerleaders out of your client’s family?

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4 thoughts on “Creating low-cost “little marketers””

  1. *laughing* This one was funny, in a tongue in cheek kind of way. You basically have to remind people to NOT come off like a pedo. Sad that it even had to be put in, at the end, there.

  2. Yes, Joseph, you are right- it can be a sad world we live in. At SFS we teach the concept of “looking through the Customer’s Eyeglasses”. And unfortunately where a tech may feel he is just being nice and friendly to a customer’s kid may come across to the mom as being creepy … or as you state even worse. Sigh …

  3. Hi Steve! I tell my techs to never be left alone with a child while cleaning a home. I would totally recommend doing this to friend or family members children. if done improperly this could be a really creepy move.

  4. Good point, Patrick. Even though the original QuickTIP did mention to not be alone with customer’s kids and to not touch them. However,I just went in and re-edited the post to reflect the very sad society we work in today! Let me know what you think and thanks for the reminder!

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