Going forward by looking back?

new year 2020Nope, this QuickTIP won’t beat you up for your (I’m sure very few?) missed opportunities in 2019! (I on the other hand made so many boneheaded mistakes in 2019 I lost count! But why break my 60 year plus streak of idiotic missteps?) Instead, let’s nominate some ‘resolution-worthy’ QuickTIPS from the last 12 months (in no particular order) to implement in 2020!

Ready? Then most urgently…

1. Raise your prices… tomorrow! I know. This seems crazy since you’re entering the slow time of year. But every January 1st is the perfect day to bump your pricing up ‘just a bit’! (And CLICK HERE to guarantee that you won’t lose any past clients.)

2. Stop choking when closing a sale. Instead, memorize this 3 step AFO sequence! (You can thank me later in our ‘Growing Your Business’ Facebook Group!)

3. Reduce the area you service. Doubtful? Then CLICK HERE to review my five reasons to ‘git smaller’ in area(s) served!

4. STOP putting up with ‘marginal employees’. We all procrastinate on firing people. (I did too!) Git yerself motivated with Why You Must Fire Your Loser QuickTIP HERE! (And then CLICK HERE for how to break the news to your soon-to-be-ex-employee!)

5. Make ‘Immediate Quality Check Calls’. Yep, like you we used to wait two or three days before calling the homeowner to “make sure everything is perfect”. Your new goal? Call right away so they dump on your staff BEFORE they can get to their computer and ‘bushwhack’ you with a ‘surprise negative online review’!

6.  ‘Atone for your sins’ with a gift card. Even after fixing a complaint your customer has still been inconvenienced. So convert her into a Cheerleader with a gift card!

7. Never let a phone prospect ‘get away’ again! You’ve been there: “Wow, that’s pretty expensive. Let me check with my husband and I’ll get back to you.” Uh-huh, right! Instead, use my two over-the-phone “Never Surrender” replies HERE!

8. A) Build your company based on the emotions of your customer but… B) NEVER make business decisions emotionally! CLICK HERE to apply this SFS Training ‘core concept’ to setting and/or raising prices on your regular commercial accounts.

9. Recognize that residential carpets are the ‘hardest money’ in our industry. Doubt me? Then check out the 8 reasons HERE why a ‘residential only’ cleaner almost always struggles! Convinced? Then HERE is how you can get the joyful cash flow of contract commercial!

Now I know I said above that these 2020 New Year’s Resolution candidates were ‘in no particular order’. I lied. So here goes my most important resolution for you and yours in 2020…

10. Stop ‘hiding out’ on the truck! Yeah, I get it. You enjoy cleaning carpets. I know (you think) you’re making ‘good money and yes, you’re ‘comfortable’ on the truck! Listen carefully here: Spending (wasting?) your life ‘on the wand’ is a TRAP so CLICK HERE  to face some ‘uncomfortable’ truths! (And even worse if you are stuck on the ‘Road in-Between’ which is a brutal Business Model and an even worse life!) The solution is…

BONUS ‘resolution-worthy’ QuickTIP for 2020: Start building a Critical Mass Business NOW! It really isn’t all THAT hard. I mean… I did it and without the incredible resources found in our SFS Training Events! I also achieved the ‘true wealth’ of Personal Freedom without our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group. (Which BTW you should totally join NOW– not later in 2020!)

So has this QuickTIP helped you ‘go forward by looking back’! (Then check out my 500+ QuickTIP archive.) I implore you to remember that there is great power in “not knowing something can’t be done”! So I just did it… and so can YOU!


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