They can’t buy if they don’t know about it!

scotchgard-buttonWe all want to do more ASO’s (Additional Service Options) while we’re on the job. (In my bad, old days I used to call these “up-sells”.)

Your challenge? You load ALL the “sales burden” on your techs (or you!) when they are already tired/running behind! Instead…

Let your client know about their Additional Service Options BEFORE you arrive.

This “pre-orienting” let’s you pre-schedule ASO’s before the job starts which is sooooo much better for everyone:

  1. Your client can pre-budget for the ASO’s.
  2. Your tech will have the time to do the extra work instead of constantly running behind.
  3. You will face fewer irritated customers because your techs are late and most importantly…
  4. No one can accuse you of being a high-pressure “bait and switch” cleaner!

So HOW can you pre-orient customers about their ASO’s? CLICK HERE for a checklist of nine great ASO’s you should be offering.

1. Increase your client’s “ASO awareness”. For example, list out your ASO’s on your service vehicles. And do you have this $4.05 protector logo placed on all vehicles and on-the-job equipment?

2. Feature your different services on your website. For example, do you have a separate landing page just for carpet protector?  NOTE: Be sure to promote your free 12 month “Spot and Spill” Warranty.

3. Email a “How to Get Ready for Your Carpet Cleaning” Checklist. (Do this right after booking the job.) Include links to all your different ASO landing pages. (See #2 above!) Download your free Residential Client Checklist HERE.

4. Help your techs “sell without a word”. For example, call your Jon-Don rep to get these great “Ask me about Scotchgard” buttons! (They’re free!)

5. Mention their ASO options on the initial phone call. Download your free SFS Phone Format HERE.

RESOURCE: You’ll receive all our ASO phone scripts in our 3 hour, online SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar. Click HERE and learn how to pre-sell ASO’s by text, email, Facebook, website chat or even… over the phone! HERE are our upcoming class dates…

NOTE: Want to double your ASO sales? Then schedule a separate pre-inspection (not “estimate”!) for most new customers INCLUDING  with a remote video pre-inspection!  (Our MUCH higher job tickets MORE than paid for the cost of making a separate trip to pre-inspect the first-time job.) Hmmm… maybe we should talk about this!


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