SFS Seminar- August, 2011 (Portland, OR)

Beautiful weather, great food and solid, experienced instructors. What more could you ask for? From the class reviews all students were very impressed…

Strategies for Success Seminar- May, 2011 (Jon-Don Salem, NH)

The first Strategies for Success class to be held in Salem, NH was one for the ages. Cleaners and restorers from across the New England states learned what it takes to be successful in the cleaning industry.

SFS Seminar- February, 2011 (Atlanta, GA)

Jon-Don Atlanta hosted this latest SFS class. Three instructors with over 100 years combined experience shared transformational marketing, financial and management tools. Plus many new friends were made AND Papa Nick was there!

SFS Seminar- January, 2011 (Tampa Bay, FL)

Our SFS class in Florida was a raving success. We dived in to cleaning business financials and carpet cleaning marketing. A smart investment for the future and a great time with Papa Nick too!

Strategies for Success Seminar- October, 2010 (St. Louis, MO)

After 5 days of intense study and analysis, what do Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success attendees have to say? These class comments will raise your expectations.

Strategies for Success Seminar- September, 2010 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

Owner-operators and large multi-employee cleaning and restoration operations came to Chicago looking for answers. Would Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success Seminar meet the task? These class comment excerpts speak for themselves.

Strategies for Success Seminar- August, 2010 (Jon-Don Seattle, WA)

With a focus on carpet cleaning and restoration businesses, 35 managers and business owners in the Northwest spent five days diving into the basics of finances, marketing, infrastructure and Value Added Service. See what they had to say…

So what the %&?$#@* is this thing called “SFS”?

Unsuspecting new carpet cleaners are still wasting time and money attending “sleazy snake-oil seminars”. (Sadly, the old “bait and switch” game doesn’t just happen in people’s homes!) So Steve gets nailed with the totally valid question, “What is SFS?” every day. He unloads right back in this passionate post. Steve also unveils the new “SFS Curriculum” page which supports his claims. See it for yourself in the top menu under “About SFS”.

Strategies for Success Seminar- May, 2010 (Jon-Don Atlanta, GA)

Five days of concentrated attention on the basics of finances, marketing, infrastructure and Value Added Service for carpet cleaning and restoration businesses can do wonders. Just see what these 38 cleaners had to say about their experience last week.

Strategies for Success Seminar- April, 2010 (Jon-Don Philadelphia, PA)

Cleaning professionals from all over the northeast part of the United States and Canada dedicated 5 entire days to improving their carpet cleaning and restoration businesses. Instead of focusing on just equipment and supplies they dug down deep into essential business practices and their application for the cleaning industry. Check out what they had to say …

Strategies for Success Seminar- March, 2010 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

49 business people spent 5 entire days learning how to make their carpet cleaning and restoration businesses more successful. They found out that making money in the cleaning business is about much more than equipment and supplies …

Strategies for Success Seminar- February, 2010 (Dallas, TX)

There was a lot of energy in Dallas last week at Jon-Don’s most recent Strategies for Success seminar held at the Jon-Don Garland, Texas store. It was a pleasure to work with such an exceptional (if somewhat rowdy!) class. So what did these very capable, no-nonsense entrepreneurs have to say about their SFS experience …

Strategies for Success Seminar- January, 2010 (Tampa Bay, FL)

This sold out Strategies for Success seminar had a diverse group of attendees all looking for expert, professional methods to make their carpet cleaning businesses more successful. See what they have to say about their experience …