Strategies for Success Seminar- October, 2010 (St. Louis, MO)

After 5 days of intense study and analysis, what do Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success attendees have to say? These class comments will raise your expectations.

Strategies for Success Seminar- September, 2010 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

Owner-operators and large multi-employee cleaning and restoration operations came to Chicago looking for answers. Would Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success Seminar meet the task? These class comment excerpts speak for themselves.

Strategies for Success Seminar- August, 2010 (Jon-Don Seattle, WA)

With a focus on carpet cleaning and restoration businesses, 35 managers and business owners in the Northwest spent five days diving into the basics of finances, marketing, infrastructure and Value Added Service. See what they had to say…

Strategies for Success Seminar- May, 2010 (Jon-Don Atlanta, GA)

Five days of concentrated attention on the basics of finances, marketing, infrastructure and Value Added Service for carpet cleaning and restoration businesses can do wonders. Just see what these 38 cleaners had to say about their experience last week.

Strategies for Success Seminar- April, 2010 (Jon-Don Philadelphia, PA)

Cleaning professionals from all over the northeast part of the United States and Canada dedicated 5 entire days to improving their carpet cleaning and restoration businesses. Instead of focusing on just equipment and supplies they dug down deep into essential business practices and their application for the cleaning industry. Check out what they had to say …

How your carpet cleaning or restoration company can not only survive but prosper with “Situational Awareness”!

Complacency, routine and arrogance have destroyed companies much bigger and (at one time) more successful than your cleaning or restoration operation. So how can you survive and even prosper in today’s extremely challenging business environment? Steve shares the concept of “S/A” …

Strategies for Success Seminar- March, 2010 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

49 business people spent 5 entire days learning how to make their carpet cleaning and restoration businesses more successful. They found out that making money in the cleaning business is about much more than equipment and supplies …

Are you “sailing against the cash-flow wind” as a professional carpet cleaner?

As Chuck reflects on how the typical carpet cleaning or restoration business is much like a boat he focuses on your business wind- MONEY! No money? Then as a business you are “dead in the water”. A simple concept? Yes. But at times agonizingly difficult to implement. Read on for Chuck’s meditations …

What percentage of your carpet cleaning business is “repeat”? Are you sure? Really?

All of us brag about our “imagined percentages” of repeat clients. Comments like this are common at every SFS seminar: “Yeah, over 90% of my clients are repeat business.” But honestly, have you ever put a magnifying glass on this claim? (Steve confesses he was guilty of this empty bragging too!) One very capable SFS member did and here is what they found out …

“Marketing decisions are so much easier when we have hard numbers”- Meg’s Story (Part 7)

Meg and John Burdick find that making emotionally detached decisions can be difficult when you have built relationships with your vendors. Find out what carpet cleaning marketing strategies they decided to keep after analyzing their performance over time.