Encapsulation- what’s all the hype about?

Mention the word “encapsulation” and there is instant controversy. Some say “the only way to take my cleaning wand away is to pry it from my cold, dead fingers!” Other cleaners are delighted to use a unique and exciting method that gets rid of the competition. What is the real truth from “down in the trenches”?

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You may know the Jon-Don “Bobbsey Twins”- Steve Toburen and “Big Billy Yeadon”- as two of the leading management/marketing experts in the Cleaning & Restoration Industry. But Steve and Bill have also pushed around their share of buffers and cleaning heads in their time. In this new “Clean Talk” column Bill shares the technical wisdom of his years (which are considerable!) and Steve chimes in …

Browning on a Berber Carpet- now what?

Nothing strikes more terror into the heart of a carpet cleaner than a beautifully cleaned berber turning ugly shades of brown! A Tucson cleaner cries for help to Steve who passes the ball to Big Billy Yeadon, a genuine technical guru.

How are you going to motivate yourself for success in carpet cleaning?

Everyone wants success but few ever find it. Bill goes down deep into the human psyche with some soul searching questions about what motivates you as a business owner. Fortunately for all of us there are answers to be found inside us …