Help me implement the Stay Beautiful program!

Steve gives his quick review of what the Stay Beautiful program is and how it works. Use this program to 1) retain your customers, 2) maintain cash flow and 3) raise the value of your business.

Sell more commercial accounts with a “DSM”

Selling is a PROCESS- not an “event”! The more hooks you put in the water the more fish you catch. So get off the truck and get face-to-face. Here is how I made it happen for my business.

How can I incorporate the pre-paid “Stay Beautiful” program into rentals?

One recent SFS graduate asks how she can add a monthly payment for future programmed maintenance cleanings into the lease. While Steve is no lawyer (thank goodness!) he does share some ideas…

Big Billy Yeadon asks: “How up-to-date are you in your carpet cleaning knowledge?”

If you are looking for a leg up on the competition (especially in the regular contract commercial carpet cleaning field) just use Shaw Carpet’s MAC learning site to expand your cleaning knowledge. Bill Yeadon shares the details here …