How can I motivate my sales staff?

A California cleaning, restoration and flooring sales company owner is struggling with “demotivated” sales people. Steve shares some principles on how to run an upbeat sales meeting and how to help your staff (or you!) sell more jobs!

Can I sell carpet cleaning door to door?

A Rochester, NY carpet cleaner needs some effective low cost marketing. Steve says if you are going to “burn some shoe leather” you better get a good return on your investment! Here’s how…

“Help! How do I deal with a business slow down?”

A Philadelphia cleaner’s business hits the wall. What to do? Steve hit’s him with four tough questions and shares four practical ideas to get things back on track.

Are you “sailing against the cash-flow wind” as a professional carpet cleaner?

As Chuck reflects on how the typical carpet cleaning or restoration business is much like a boat he focuses on your business wind- MONEY! No money? Then as a business you are “dead in the water”. A simple concept? Yes. But at times agonizingly difficult to implement. Read on for Chuck’s meditations …

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