Which type of carpet cleaning business “boat” will you choose to sail on?

Chuck Violand has been kicking off the Strategies for Success seminar for the last couple of years reflecting on his love of boats … and how different business models are like varied boats- all of which require different skills and tactics to avoid a tragic shipwreck. So which type of boat are you skippering? Check back in frequently to see Chuck’s latest thoughts …

Leaving a void on the truck …



We’ve been experiencing steady growth over the past 5 years.  Currently we are owner operated with one tech part time on the truck with the owner. (Me!) The other two days I am out on my working and networking.  My tech has been with us for 2 years and due to learning disabilities will never be able to be on a truck on his own or be a lead tech.  He’s a good worker, but will always only be a “helper/laborer” to a crew chief (which has been me up to this point) as he can’t write an invoice, up-sell etc.  We are on the edge of needing to have someone to take over my role on the truck and manage the daily jobs as I focus more on working on the business (manager?), rather then in it.  My question is when/how do I put in place another person…since I need to train and bring up to speed, but am not quite ready to add a full time person.  And what do I do with my current tech?

Worried in Portland

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Hiring outside your “Comfort Zone”- Part 2

build-your-teamIn my most recent Instructor’s Blog post I talked about how important it is to hire technicians who will hold our feet to the fire as owners and managers.  But of course this idea of choosing employees based on what they can get out of us isn’t limited to only front line workers. Another critical hiring decision we make in our companies is when we hire an office manager and/or administrative person.

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