10 Questions Every Cleaning and Restoration Business Should Ask!

Check out these 10 questions that just may keep you from joining the 80% of start-up businesses that fail within their first decade. Then share with your fellow board members other vital questions that have kept you safe, sane and profitable …

Should carpet cleaners advertise in the “services section”?

Hey Steve,

Do you recommend advertising in the “services section” of the classified in a town’s main local paper? If so, what sort of response can I expect? What can I put in 3 lines that would draw attention to my company?

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Too high? Too low? HELP!

A new carpet cleaner is getting whip-sawed from both sides. Steve tries to bring a bit of sanity and balance to the eternal question, “How much should I charge?”

“So how long is it going to take?”

Steve waxes nostalgic when asked about his “success time-line” and then shares a few bone-headed mistakes he made over the years so you can avoid them!

Can I make it in this market?

I’m thinking of starting a small carpet cleaning business in an area of about 80,000 people,….and about 50 carpet cleaning companies! So,starting out part-time (at about 10hours a week) is it worth the risk of my limited start-up capital?

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