Moment of Truth Residential Carpet Cleaning Checklist

This “Moment of Truth” checklist structures the job so your techs (and you!) can easily create a Cheerleader out of the home owner! Follow these simple steps …

Cleaning professionals- Can you improve your apology technique?

Should you say you are sorry even when it is not your fault? Southwest Airlines’ “recovery system” is just one of the many reasons why they are king of customer service AND make money as their competitors go broke. What does your company do when “it” hits the fan?

A high class technique to create restoration Cheerleaders

Give that final boost to your restoration job with this elegant touch that truly is “fit for royalty”! Will the customer remember you and your fun antics? Definitely. Will they tell others about your services? IF you gave Value Added Service and then close the project with this “white glove” treatment, they will sing your praises from the roof tops!

Cut your home owner complaints by placing this “Spot and Stain Card” after the cleaning!

Don’t you just hate those nasty call-backs and complaints after you are convinced you left the carpets looking great? (Especially when the customer wasn’t even there when you did the work! Grrrr …) Here is one great way to pro-actively solve this problem before it even starts …

Weekly Financial Flash Report

In the “good ole days” (pre-recession) you could get by with casually checking the nice big number at the end of your monthly Profit and Loss statement and then pop a cold one! Not anymore. You now need to focus like a hawk on your WEEKLY financials. This Flash Report form will help …