Brand Sense- marketing cleaning services through the five senses

In this summary of “Brand Sense…Build Powerful Brands through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound” Bill Yeadon explains how the five senses can affect your customer AND what they FEEL about your service …

Gentlemen: Start Your Vacuums

vacuum-at-homeAs an IICRC CCT instructor I continually have to convince cleaning technicians that they need to vacuum every job. The current belief is that less than 10% of all jobs are vacuumed prior to cleaning.

But now a new survey shows an even better reason to vacuum. Men who vacuum and do other household chores tend to spend more time in the bedroom; and I don’t mean dusting the dresser!

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Should I wear a bow tie when cleaning?

A Pennsylvania tech wants to add a bit of pizzazz to his “cleaning presentation”. His boss (being from the “old school” isn’t so sure. “New School Steve” shares his thoughts plus a couple of hints …

The question every customer is afraid to ask!

Way back in the 50’s Bo Diddley sang a song titled “Who Do You Love?” If Bo were around today he would change the lyrics to “Who Do You Trust?”

Turning the tables on those pesky “Price Shoppers”!

Tempted to just tell in-your-face price shoppers to go ahead and try your friendly local “bait and switcher” low-ball competitor? A better option is …