What can a carpet cleaner learn from the “Three Stooges?”

The “Three Stooges”? (We’re not talking about Chuck Violand, Big Billy Yeadon and Steve Toburen of SFS fame!) Nope, Chuck says that we learn how to avoid “Paralysis by Analysis” from Larry, Moe and Curly!

So can a carpet cleaner “cash out” at a young enough age to actually ENJOY retirement?

It is the “unspoken dread” among cleaning professionals. Sure, we make a lot of money and have all the toys. But many carpet cleaners worry about ever achieving true financial independence while they are still young enough to enjoy it! Steve Toburen shares how he retired from full time business at the age of 38 by giving readers two great links and one even more important date in Las Vegas next September …

Do college graduates make good carpet cleaning employees?

College can be a wonderful gift and a great opportunity. OR it can be a four, five or six year party that wastes time and money. After reading a New York Times article Steve reflects on today’s cleaning workforce …

How the Mighty Fall

You may think that Jim Collins’ book How the Mighty Have Fallen does not pertain to you. Are you sure? Are you and your employees still 100% committed to the core beliefs and values you stated during your startup? Take 10 minutes and find out.

Meg’s Story: Focusing on our online marketing (Part 10)

Meg and John have made huge progress streamlining their internal operations. But all these changes are expensive. Time to get that phone to ring! Meg shares how they have done it …