Can I build a “Honda/Accura” carpet cleaning business model?

A premium Georgia carpet cleaner looks to expand into the budget cleaning market with a “parallel operation” operated with his existing staff and building. Steve isn’t real positive but would like other cleaner’s thoughts. Read and chime in …

Give your fire and water damage insureds a tasty way to remember you!

It has been well said, “the way to the heart lies through the stomach.” Read how you can create a great Moment of Truth with a traumatized restoration client with some very memorable but “personalized” comfort food …

Can I charge a premium for after hours commercial cleaning work?


Just a short question.  I’ve always felt like I should be able to charge a premium rate for night or weekend work. However, when I bring this idea up to other carpet cleaners they act like I’ve hit on their mother!  What did you do and if you did charge more, how much over your regular rates was it and did you get any resistance?

Perplexed in Toledo

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