“How can I deal with conniving Insureds?”

An apparently successful Florida restoration contractor is fed up with the daily shenanigans he faces. Steve shares a concept and solution…

She wants me to “price match”! Help!

The “Great Recession” has made it “fashionable to haggle”! Here are some thoughts on how to handle value-conscious customers and the other “can you beat this price” shoppers that inevitably are going come your way.

You just never know who is calling …

Tired of all the “how much” phone calls from Price Shoppers? SFS member Larry Holder reminds us that not all questions about price are from cheap people. Then Steve chimes in with a great (and free) phone script that answers “How much do you charge”?

2011’s TOP FIVE articles!

What reached out and grabbed our cleaner and restorer readers during 2011? This recap let’s you know what our little “band of brothers” focused on last year. You STILL can act on any of these ideas. Just don’t let 2012 leave you in its dust.