2011’s TOP FIVE articles!

What reached out and grabbed our cleaner and restorer readers during 2011? This recap let’s you know what our little “band of brothers” focused on last year. You STILL can act on any of these ideas. Just don’t let 2012 leave you in its dust.

How to deal with “I wanna a price now” callers!

Any phone script needs tweaking now and then… Steve Toburen’s SFS carpet cleaning phone script is due for a little fine tuning of its own. With these modifications you now have the option of giving a price over the phone and STILL book the job!

Tired of the “your carpet cleaning prices are too high” objection?

The recent Great Recession has marked (scarred?) our customer’s buying habits. Steve shows one Dallas carpet cleaner how to avoid being put on the defensive when hit with the “too high” objection …