TOP TEN “How to Make More Money” #6: Develop niche services

Quit competing against the far-too-COMMON “Clean Any Size Living Room, Dining Room and Hall for …” bozos. Instead, offer UNCOMMON “special niche services”!

Are you STILL “just cleaning carpets”?

Big Billy Yeadon reminisces about the “good ole days” for cleaners but then reminds you that your business should be about more than “clean carpets”. If you doubt Bill then take a look at Shaw Industries …

What products should I use for anti-allergy cleanings?

Anti-Allergy cleanings can be a highly profitable diversification and a great niche to differentiate yourself from all the “rug-suckers” out there. OR it can turn into a finger-pointing blame game! Bill and Steve share a great line-up of treatments to use plus a little practical wisdom on pre-qualifying the job.

How commercial “encapsulation” cleaning transformed my company!

VAST instructor, Jeff Cutshall, not only will dramatically improve your technician’s attitudes and actions in the customer’s home- he also runs his own commercial carpet cleaning business. Jeff shares how his company has cleaned up big time with “encapsulation” and just why you should get on board …

The world of steady, profitable commercial work is really tempting me!

Regular cash flow, your very own production schedule, a steadily appreciating asset and best of all … less interaction with an at times difficult and demanding residential customer. So what’s not to like? Will this carpet cleaner’s dreams of profit in commercial maintenance work be fulfilled? Steve Toburen gives his prognosis …

So can I build a business that will run without me “pushing a wand”?

Are you enjoying the lifestyle benefits of living in the countryside? GREAT! This small town carpet cleaner asks, “Can I build a ‘real business’ in a market base of only 30,000 people?” Steve shares how he did it …

How can I set my carpet cleaning service apart from the rest?

An Idaho carpet cleaner searches for ways to “differentiate” himself from the run-of-the-mill price-slashing carpet cleaner. Steve tweaks the original idea to promote more Scotchgard sales, improve customer loyalty and cleaning frequency and above all else dramatically increase profits!

“What can I do to pay the bills till my carpet cleaning business kicks in?”

In a perfect world your first clients would all be clamoring for clean carpets BEFORE you even open your doors for business. Surprise! It doesn’t work that way, as one slightly disillusioned Kansas City carpet cleaner is finding out …

Adding this “Extra Services Check List” will promote “Additional Service Options”!

Sometimes the best quickTIPS focus on the little things. For example, how much money are you “leaving on the table” simply because your client doesn’t know everything that your company offers?