Sell more commercial accounts with a “DSM”

Selling is a PROCESS- not an “event”! The more hooks you put in the water the more fish you catch. So get off the truck and get face-to-face. Here is how I made it happen for my business.

I don’t want to be rich- will SFS help me?

Steve applauds a Florida carpet cleaners decision to focus on his family instead of searching for riches. So can the Strategies for Success seminar help a “little guy” that just wants to stay small?

The world of steady, profitable commercial work is really tempting me!

Regular cash flow, your very own production schedule, a steadily appreciating asset and best of all … less interaction with an at times difficult and demanding residential customer. So what’s not to like? Will this carpet cleaner’s dreams of profit in commercial maintenance work be fulfilled? Steve Toburen gives his prognosis …

Are you “sailing against the cash-flow wind” as a professional carpet cleaner?

As Chuck reflects on how the typical carpet cleaning or restoration business is much like a boat he focuses on your business wind- MONEY! No money? Then as a business you are “dead in the water”. A simple concept? Yes. But at times agonizingly difficult to implement. Read on for Chuck’s meditations …

Weekly Financial Flash Report

In the “good ole days” (pre-recession) you could get by with casually checking the nice big number at the end of your monthly Profit and Loss statement and then pop a cold one! Not anymore. You now need to focus like a hawk on your WEEKLY financials. This Flash Report form will help …