So what can SFS: “Business Transformation” do for you?

The Strategies for Success program has always been the industry’s “Gold Standard” for business building help. Now Steve says SFS is even better for 2013…

Should a professional carpet cleaner learn from MSN’s focus on women?

I think we all agree that men and women are different! So if you are marketing to residential carpet cleaning customers, shouldn’t you design your website to appeal to women? Well apparently MSN thinks so! Find out why and see how the new MSN site compares to the old.

Never “oversell” the Scotchgard application to your residential carpet cleaning customers

Remember the old expression, “under promise, over deliver”? In other words, IF you’ve already got the Scotchgard protector sale, it is now time to lower the no doubt unreasonably high expectations of a typical residential cleaning customer. Steve shares how to NOT oversell carpet cleaning products.

Cut your home owner complaints by placing this “Spot and Stain Card” after the cleaning!

Don’t you just hate those nasty call-backs and complaints after you are convinced you left the carpets looking great? (Especially when the customer wasn’t even there when you did the work! Grrrr …) Here is one great way to pro-actively solve this problem before it even starts …

How can I target the right age group for residential carpet cleaning?

A New York carpet cleaner poses a thorny question, “What is the average age of my customer”? In typical Steve Toburen fashion he takes the “long way around” before answering the original question. But Steve’s long-winded reply contains some great insights on the Emotional Dynamics of the home owner/technician relationship …