“The surprising truth about what motivates us”

Most cleaning business owners believe that their workforce would perform better if only they could pay their people more. In other words, better monetary rewards = motivated employees. Motivation guru Dan Pink reveals why this is a flawed assumption.

We all need a little “feedback” …

Many cleaning techs are from the Millennial generation and so they expect “feedback”. Do they need to “quit whining and man up” or are your young techs correct in expecting communication from the boss? Big Billy Yeadon shares some thoughts …

Attention all cleaners- Go beyond Google Places

Big Billy Yeadon thought he was actually catching up on his social media skills as a member of Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter. However, for cutting edge orientation he defers to social media marketing guru John Jantsch. Here are 5 ideas that cleaners can easily apply…

Cleaning professionals- Can you improve your apology technique?

Should you say you are sorry even when it is not your fault? Southwest Airlines’ “recovery system” is just one of the many reasons why they are king of customer service AND make money as their competitors go broke. What does your company do when “it” hits the fan?

How to skillfully pitch your commercial carpet cleaning services

Preparation is key to any sales presentation. What tools are required for making the big sale in commercial carpet cleaning? What should be avoided? Bill Yeadon offers his insights to closing the BIG sale.