How the Mighty Fall

You may think that Jim Collins’ book How the Mighty Have Fallen does not pertain to you. Are you sure? Are you and your employees still 100% committed to the core beliefs and values you stated during your startup? Take 10 minutes and find out.

Weekly Financial Flash Report

In the “good ole days” (pre-recession) you could get by with casually checking the nice big number at the end of your monthly Profit and Loss statement and then pop a cold one! Not anymore. You now need to focus like a hawk on your WEEKLY financials. This Flash Report form will help …

Do I see a contradiction here?

OK, Steve, now you have me interested. On one hand a few days ago you said only give your Cheerleaders Value Added Service PLUS a hand written thank you note. But I also note you promote giving a “kickback” with the Jon-Don “Free Spotter for Life” program with Jon-Don’s Spot-Out program. Is it because you are raking in big bucks on your Spot-Out commissions????

Can I make it in this market?

I’m thinking of starting a small carpet cleaning business in an area of about 80,000 people,….and about 50 carpet cleaning companies! So,starting out part-time (at about 10hours a week) is it worth the risk of my limited start-up capital?