The pre-paid “Stay Beautiful” maintenance program for residential carpet cleaning

Are you tired of being beat up by the “Great Recession”? Are your customers increasing their times between cleanings and/or having less done when they do call you? Many of our SFS members have implemented the “Stay Beautiful” residential “service contract” which guarantees your customer beautiful carpets forever AND they report great results. Download this FREE Special Report …

Help me implement the Stay Beautiful program!

Steve gives his quick review of what the Stay Beautiful program is and how it works. Use this program to 1) retain your customers, 2) maintain cash flow and 3) raise the value of your business.

Exploiting Chaos

Chaos sounds horrible. It brings to mind historic events such as the fall of Saigon or 9/11 and the horrors that ensued. But chaos can also lead to opportunity. In fact there is a Chinese symbol that stands for danger but also means opportunity. Which one will you choose?