Focus on your technician’s shoes!

If you are cleaning floors you must focus on the work AND the shoes you are wearing. Why? Because your client will be! So your technician’s shoes should reflect your company’s “Commitment to Cleanliness”.

Skills to be a better business owner (Part III)

Chuck’s wrap-up on being a better business owner. By mastering the executive skill-set you will give yourself a big advantage in leading your company to success.

How should I pay an outside commercial cleaning sales rep?

A commercial cleaning firm is facing problems with a recently hired outside commercial rep. Steve tells them what they should have done and still can do!

Al Paulsen: “I was too stubborn to cut off my ponytail!”

Before I attended SFS I was on my way to “partial retirement”. But the things I learned from the SFS program really moved it along. I now take about 16 weeks of vacation a year and the business just “keeps on keeping on”!

“Becoming more efficient and productive”- Spring Stuart-Walker

“Thanks to SFS our employees are now more invested in seeing our restoration company grow. I’ve seen that giving our workforce a voice in company procedures and policy really does make a difference.”

Never leave a commercial cleaning account’s door unlocked again …

Nothing is worse than a raving angry call from a regular commercial carpet cleaning customer who discovers your crew left his or her business unlocked all night! Stop this particular nightmare forever with this week’s “quickTIP” …

Should I “stoop to the level” of my cut-throat carpet cleaning competitors?

After moving to Georgia a carpet cleaner is finding it difficult to get the old cash flow started again. Instead of screaming “Get out there and sell!” Steve says to begin at home with the old-fashioned concept of “frugality” …

Steve’s “Cry for Help”- Keeping tabs on your employees with GPS van tracking

Do you know where your employees are … right now?! Do you think you should know? Steve feels adding “Employee Accountability” to your company is essential. One way to gently “hold your employee’s feet to the fire” is to start tracking your vehicles with a GPS online service. Steve is asking for your “been there- done that” experiences …