Restoration: Breaking through the PSP barrier?

So how can a water damage restoration company “break through the clutter” of an adjuster’s day? How can you get him or her to focus on the superior value and savings you provide?

“After 20 years should I convert to a franchise?”

This is a common question and the answer varies based on each individual’s circumstances. Sometimes a franchise might be exactly what is needed. Read on for Steve’s analysis…

Beautiful business! So how do I find a buyer?

A Louisiana cleaner\restorer feels the need for change in his life. Is it time to sell or can he make “adjustments”? Steve offers ideas on both options…

The owner won’t sign over the insurance check- HELP!

A recent USA Today survey says 21% of homes in the US are worth less than the mortgage. Steve tells you how to protect yourself BEFORE you start remediation on these “underwater” houses that are really flooded!

Moment of Truth Restoration Checklist

This restoration “Moment of Truth” checklist structures the job so that while your employees are doing the restoration work, they are also giving the home owner positive Moments of Truth.

“What a great feeling to have more than enough work!” Eric Blessit

Eric Blessitt with All Kleen Services, LLC in Hopkinsville, KY made big changes after attending SFS. The result? More and bigger jobs with MUCH higher profits. Learn how Eric did it …

How to get plumber water damage referrals- FREE! (Part II)

Water damage expert Ivan Turner shares how he got out of of paying a King’s Ransom to plumbers. Now they happily share their referrals for free! Find out how Ivan achieved this state of Business Bliss …