Consider part time instead of full time workers

Ready to hire your first employee? Or maybe due to expansion you are eying the possibility of hiring more. Steve highlights the benefits of using part-time help.

The causes of “Swarm Management”- Part II

As a company grows, it’s easy to lose control. If you aren’t careful the company morphs into a creature that nobody recognizes and is neither efficient nor a fun place to work at!

Frustrated with the “new” generation of employees?

It may be the most common lament from SFS members- “These young people don’t want to work like I did when I was young!” True … AND False. Big Billy shares two expert views of the “Millenials” entering the workplace…

How should I pay an outside commercial cleaning sales rep?

A commercial cleaning firm is facing problems with a recently hired outside commercial rep. Steve tells them what they should have done and still can do!