Cleaners AND restorers: Sell more protector!

Everyone can Make More Money by selling carpet protector. Steve shares an “Xactimate secret” for restoration contractors to sell more scotchgard.

TOP TEN List Idea #7: Pre-orient your client on how to spend more!

Remember, your clients can’t buy more if they don’t know! Steve shares some tips in #7 of his TOP TEN Ways to Make More Money From Each Job List …

“A first class event from beginning to end”- Rick Massimi

Rick attended SFS as he opened his new carpet cleaning business. He received a long-term vision and plan for his company, a turn-key “Business Infrastructure” AND a great system to make more profit on each job with Scotchgard.

Carpet cleaning technician pay- commission vs. hourly? What to do?

It is just one of the cleaning industry’s “eternal questions”. Where is the “sweet spot” in compensating my employees? What is the simplest and most cost effective way to motivate technicians while still letting the company make a profit? Steve shares a few thoughts with a Richmond, VA carpet cleaner …

Never “oversell” the Scotchgard application to your residential carpet cleaning customers

Remember the old expression, “under promise, over deliver”? In other words, IF you’ve already got the Scotchgard protector sale, it is now time to lower the no doubt unreasonably high expectations of a typical residential cleaning customer. Steve shares how to NOT oversell carpet cleaning products.

Adding this “Extra Services Check List” will promote “Additional Service Options”!

Sometimes the best quickTIPS focus on the little things. For example, how much money are you “leaving on the table” simply because your client doesn’t know everything that your company offers?