Cleaning professionals- Can you improve your apology technique?

Should you say you are sorry even when it is not your fault? Southwest Airlines’ “recovery system” is just one of the many reasons why they are king of customer service AND make money as their competitors go broke. What does your company do when “it” hits the fan?

How can I reach out to my “straying” carpet cleaning clients?

A Wisconsin carpet cleaner has been looking for an “excuse” to call his tardy booking customers. Steve shares a great way to reach out to your clients and at the same time create a positive Moment of Truth …

How are you going to motivate yourself for success in carpet cleaning?

Everyone wants success but few ever find it. Bill goes down deep into the human psyche with some soul searching questions about what motivates you as a business owner. Fortunately for all of us there are answers to be found inside us …

How I promoted my carpet cleaning business at my BNI group by ripping Steve Toburen’s stuff off!

They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. If so, SFS member Dave Pastor very “sincerely” likes our SFS Director of Training. Read how Dave blew away his local BNI group by sharing a few key SFS ideas. Then learn how you can use these same concepts in your company. (Even without attending SFS!)

How can you motivate your carpet cleaning or restoration employees?

Do you like your job? Do your techs and office staff like their jobs? Do you know OR are you afraid to ask them? Insights to both their and your motivations can give some engaging and maybe even frightening answers …

What pitfalls are there in buying a carpet cleaning business?

One wanna-be entrepreneur asks Steve what to watch out for in buying a carpet cleaning business. Steve’s answers may surprise and shock you. If so, they may be just the wake up call you need to successfully sell your company in the future …

How can I target the right age group for residential carpet cleaning?

A New York carpet cleaner poses a thorny question, “What is the average age of my customer”? In typical Steve Toburen fashion he takes the “long way around” before answering the original question. But Steve’s long-winded reply contains some great insights on the Emotional Dynamics of the home owner/technician relationship …

Steve’s “Bleeding Hearts” Advice Column Directory

Steve Toburen answers pleas for help from carpet cleaners, mold remediation and fire and water damage restoration professionals. If you are starting a carpet cleaning business or an experienced small business person you will surely find practical advice here.

Should I wear a bow tie when cleaning?

A Pennsylvania tech wants to add a bit of pizzazz to his “cleaning presentation”. His boss (being from the “old school” isn’t so sure. “New School Steve” shares his thoughts plus a couple of hints …

The question every customer is afraid to ask!

Way back in the 50’s Bo Diddley sang a song titled “Who Do You Love?” If Bo were around today he would change the lyrics to “Who Do You Trust?”