How can I compete against the ‘Big Boys’?

You don’t need (or even want to be) a national company. As you well know lots of people don’t like the “big boys” and prefer the local “little guy”. So don’t let yourself be intimidated!

How can I get my techs to be more like me?

Don’t expect to find clones of yourself in the employee marketplace. (And that’s a good thing!) Instead, Steve Toburen gives some alternatives to flogging your current employees.

How should I pay an outside commercial cleaning sales rep?

A commercial cleaning firm is facing problems with a recently hired outside commercial rep. Steve tells them what they should have done and still can do!

What products should I use for anti-allergy cleanings?

Anti-Allergy cleanings can be a highly profitable diversification and a great niche to differentiate yourself from all the “rug-suckers” out there. OR it can turn into a finger-pointing blame game! Bill and Steve share a great line-up of treatments to use plus a little practical wisdom on pre-qualifying the job.