Why can’t customer service always be this easy?

Everyone knows Big Billy has always been addicted to the coffee at Starbucks. Now his latest Starbucks experience has turned him into a raving fan. Future SFS attendees be warned …

How NOT to fix a client’s carpet cleaning complaint

Fixing complaints is more about good communication than it is about your technical cleaning skills. To turn a bad situation into a positive Moment of Truth you need to do more than just remove the spot. Here’s how to fix the REAL issue …

Cleaning professionals- Can you improve your apology technique?

Should you say you are sorry even when it is not your fault? Southwest Airlines’ “recovery system” is just one of the many reasons why they are king of customer service AND make money as their competitors go broke. What does your company do when “it” hits the fan?

Intimidated by residential carpet cleaning! What to do?

A Big Sky country janitorial business owner gets cold feet over his carpet cleaning endeavor. Steve reminisces on his days getting started in the carpet cleaning industry and points to light at the end of the tunnel. We all had our first cleaning job, didn’t we?

Never “oversell” the Scotchgard application to your residential carpet cleaning customers

Remember the old expression, “under promise, over deliver”? In other words, IF you’ve already got the Scotchgard protector sale, it is now time to lower the no doubt unreasonably high expectations of a typical residential cleaning customer. Steve shares how to NOT oversell carpet cleaning products.

Cut your home owner complaints by placing this “Spot and Stain Card” after the cleaning!

Don’t you just hate those nasty call-backs and complaints after you are convinced you left the carpets looking great? (Especially when the customer wasn’t even there when you did the work! Grrrr …) Here is one great way to pro-actively solve this problem before it even starts …

Give your fire and water damage insureds a tasty way to remember you!

It has been well said, “the way to the heart lies through the stomach.” Read how you can create a great Moment of Truth with a traumatized restoration client with some very memorable but “personalized” comfort food …

I’m getting beat up on this upholstery cleaning job!

A harried Florida cleaner is battling an upholstery cleaning problem. Steve explains that sometimes the best thing to do is “throw in your cards” but do so with honor and dignity …

Can I charge a premium for after hours commercial cleaning work?


Just a short question.  I’ve always felt like I should be able to charge a premium rate for night or weekend work. However, when I bring this idea up to other carpet cleaners they act like I’ve hit on their mother!  What did you do and if you did charge more, how much over your regular rates was it and did you get any resistance?

Perplexed in Toledo

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See how an old, washed up ex-carpet cleaner strikes back at Sprint!

[private]After almost three years of care-giving for my in-laws in the States it is time for us to return to our home in the Dominican Republic.  (Both of Sioux’s parents have passed away in the last year or so.)  But hey, NEWS FLASH here- Cell phone and cable companies are not your friends when it comes to ending contracts!

I foolishly thought since we had signed “one year contracts” three years ago we could say sayonora whenever we wanted.  But noooo- you only get a 30 day window one time per year and then the contract automatically renews!  Grrrr …

Read moreSee how an old, washed up ex-carpet cleaner strikes back at Sprint!

Stay Focused!!!

“I solve problems. That is what I do.” How often have you thought that this mantra essentially sums up your business life as a carpet cleaner? And yet Chuck Violand shows that this constant “desperation problem solving” may actually hinder instead of help your cleaning business …