Frustrated with the “new” generation of employees?

It may be the most common lament from SFS members- “These young people don’t want to work like I did when I was young!” True … AND False. Big Billy shares two expert views of the “Millenials” entering the workplace…

Why can’t customer service always be this easy?

Everyone knows Big Billy has always been addicted to the coffee at Starbucks. Now his latest Starbucks experience has turned him into a raving fan. Future SFS attendees be warned …

American Airlines files Chapter 11- so what?

American Airlines was once the largest airline in the world and it now is struggling to survive. Anyone that has flown them over the past year could see the signs- in the AA employees! So can you learn an important lesson from AA’s sad example?

“The surprising truth about what motivates us”

Most cleaning business owners believe that their workforce would perform better if only they could pay their people more. In other words, better monetary rewards = motivated employees. Motivation guru Dan Pink reveals why this is a flawed assumption.